Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Local Funky Market!!!

We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day to head over to Chelem to attend the Local Funky Market.  A brainchild of Carol Trumble and Paul Lawrence, it was held at their eatery, Tacomaya (or "Tacky" as it's known to the expat locals).
Notice the clever use of the restaurant chairs to block-off the street.  Vendors were set-up both inside the restaurant and outside on the street.  The variety of goods, mostly hand-crafted by expats and local residents was amazing.

This fellow came from Muna to sell bamboo furniture, walking sticks (I bought one) and even bamboo charcoal which he claimed was very superior to the stuff you find in stores.

Local artists were well represented operating in a variety of media.

    Note the flip-flops.  Just about says it all, attitude-wise...
The event was well attended and I think the vendors and buyers were very pleased.

Indra made the most fascinating purchases from a guy who was raising money to move to Acapulco.  He was selling his movie props from the film "Apocalypto" and they were impossible to resist.
Large and small, hand-carved drums which are now residing on the stair landing in her house.

And this great shaman's rattle featuring mule deer hooves and intricate bead work.
You just can't find treasures like this at Walmart these days.

Good job Carol and Paul and many thanks to those who took the time to bring their wares to the show,

More later,


lynette said...

Looks great, but I think y'all snagged the really good stuff. Good thing I wasn't there. I'd have had to elbow you out of the way :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Larry,
Great stuff. I hope they do it again. I'd love to go.
Nice to see you at bloggers conference after following your adventures all this time,

Ron said...

I was there

We bought a market bag from Teresa

She flat out refused to negotiate, despite my best efforts

Mexico 2010 said...

Great blog Larry and great pics too. Mind I would say that they showcased some of my stuff and they look pretty good too.

Can I steel the photos ???

Love Paula X

Mexico 2010 said...

Great blog Larry. Great pics too. But then I would say that . They showcased my stuff off a treat. It was a good day indeed.

Can I steel the pics please ????

Love Paula XX

Larry said...

Sure, Paula, go ahead!

Anonymous said...

Great Idea. Are they planning anymore Funky Market days?

nazia said...

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