Friday, July 11, 2008

Beach Find

It's amazing what one finds on the beach here. Visit anyone who lives on or near the beach and one of the first thing you'll spot is their collection of shells. When one first starts beach combing, the variety and colors and shapes are seemingly endless. You can't pick up enough shells fast enough! Eventually it dawns on you: We just don't need anymore shells! Besides, we've got just about every variety there is to be had. Me, I personally like getting sunglasses from the beach. They are available, especially on Saturday or Sunday mornings as they are left behind from some party that was held the night before.
Indra likes to pick up puppies. Remember Itzi Winick? This is what he looked like when she brought him home. So the other day when taking the dogs for a walk, Indra happened upon this.......
Say "Hello" to Chula....
She's about 8 weeks old and in much better shape than Itzi was when he was found. And Chula is Itzi's new best friend. They play constantly and he is incredibly gentle with her. She takes no crap off of him and has chased him down the hallway more than once. Has sharp teeth, too.

I told Indra that sunglasses need fewer trips to the vet and less food on a daily basis. But, they are just not as cute and lovable as this.

More later,