Thursday, July 30, 2009

Let's Talk About Hammocks

If you are thinking about moving here, or are moving here, you are going to want a hammock.  And there will be plenty of places willing to take your money.  The places that are most obvious and accessible are in the tourist areas such at the main plaza in Merida or the malecon in Progreso.  We got our first hammock on the drive down here from the States at a toll booth waiting in line.  At $200 pesos (less than $20.00) it seemed like a great bargain and it did the job for a while.  Then, we became more educated on the ins-and-outs of hammocks made in the Yucatan.
These are sold at more out of the way stores specializing on the locally made product.  My hammock came from Hamacas WMS (With Mexican Style), a socially responsible, local industry promoting Yucatan goods.  Visit their website here.  And forget the $200 peso price tag.  Yucatan hammocks go from $650 pesos on up.
My hammock is strung between the back porch and a very large and strong tree.  Most people have hammock hangers in the house but we haven't done that yet.  Yucatan hammocks come in cotton or nylon, but the cotton are the most comfortable.  This one is cotton with nylon end threads.  They are hand woven locally.
It's all very delicate work, but don't let that fool you.  Indra and I have gotten into this hammock together and it held us with no problems.  We've seen hammocks that will hold a family of four!
This is how they attach to the tree.  The rope (provided) is fitted with a steel "S" hook.  Simple.
Now, let's look at a store.  We found this place quite by accident while we were lost in Merida looking for Hamacas WMS.  No matter, we went on in because we were getting ready to head north to the States and Indra wanted to get one for her son for his birthday.

Note that they advertise sales, repairs and cleaning.  Full service.
There is no end of sizes and colors......
And you can get hammock chairs.....
The saleswoman was very helpful, unwrapping and showing the sizes and colors.
So, if you're approached by someone selling hammocks on the street, think twice.  Spend a little more money and get the real deal.  They are comfortable and, with the proper care, will last a very long time.
Now, for a very detailed look at the Yucatan hammock, I'm going to steer you to a site called Hammocks of Yucatan.   This guy makes my effort look puny, but I figure why plagiarize or reinvent the wheel.
Happy relaxing.
More later,