Sunday, September 14, 2008

"En Memoria A Los Hombres Caidos En La Mar"

"Memorial to the fallen men at sea"

Near the Yucalpeten Marina, about which I blogged a few months ago, sits a solemn reminder of the dangers faced by these brave fishermen each time they set out into the Gulf to earn their living.

The monument greets visitors to a large plaza and is flanked by symmetrical walls on each side.

On the walls, arranged by years, are the names of los pescadores lost at sea. Some years, the toll is greater than others.

Hurricanes and the Nortes, or winds from the north which hit us here in the winter months are the usual causes of the losses as the boats used by the locals are small; powered by low horse powered motors that can be no match for the wind.

And a look beyond the walls that are inhabited by the lists and years and names reveals more walls. Blank walls. Walls waiting for the new names that are, sadly, sure to come.