Monday, September 13, 2010


The time had come for an expansion of the back patio and the addition of a "bodegita" (small storage room) to the house.  We have yard equipment, tools, boxes of stuff, Christmas ornaments, luggage, etc. stored in and around the house taking up valuable space.  And the larger items, such as bicycles and a car top carrier, have been stored in the original bodegita which was constructed out of heavy paper and wooden poles to house the workers who were building the house over two years ago.  It had seen better days...
So, last week our next door neighbor and trusted construction guru, Luis, arranged to have his crew come over and tackle the first order of business: the patio.  The extension of the patio would double its current size.  The usual suspects cement, blocks, sand and gravel were ordered and delivered.
The foundation for the patio had been built a couple of months ago, so that saved some time so this part of the job was competed in one day.
This is the final finishing on the cement which is given a texture to prevent slipping on it when it's wet.
It was dry and ready for use the next morning!  This will also serve as the beginning of the deck for the swimming pool we plan to have built next year....
Then it was on to the bodegita.  We had this planned for quite a while.  The extension is off our kitchen so we had to give up looking out the kitchen window into the back yard.  But the pluses outweighed the minuses.
Luis sent over a man by the name of Vicente who is handling the plumbing and electric on the project.  This will include provisions for a washing machine, an outdoor shower, and a pressurized water system.  I'll update you on those as the project moves along.

More later,