Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Bank Token

This is one of those things that sort of grabs you as another, "this is so different" moment.  When you open a bank account in Mexico, at least at Banorte, and you want internet access to your account, one of the things you are given is a "token".  Take a look:
Cute, huh?  What you are seeing is a personal electronic device that is getting a signal from a satellite.  Every 60 seconds that 6-digit code automatically and randomly changes.  If you look carefully on the left hand side of the display you can see a series of lines that act as a countdown to the numbers changing again.  Each token has a serial number and when you go on line to set-up your internet banking, the system wants that serial number, your user name and your password.  Once activated, this is what you need to log on with the most current "token" number being displayed, so it's different every time.  They say that this will operate for 5 years before the battery runs out and there is no extra charge for it.  Unless you lose it.
I tell ya, these third world countries...!
More later,