Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Paint, windows, doors, electrical fixtures, plumbing, it's all starting to come together as the final push is underway.

Here is a picture from the old house we had torn down. If you've been reading these for very long you know we had these windows saved and they ended up at a carpenter who refurbished them. They are mahogany and he estimated them at 40 to 50 years old. They would be very expensive to replace today and he also said that these would nicely take the place of storm shutters. They have already survived a few good sized hurricanes.
Here is how they look now:

Around back....

Indra is the artist. This color scheme and layout is all her idea and we are thrilled with it. It is getting a lot of attention as there is nothing else like it in the neighborhood.

The interior is still getting worked on so I'll hold off for now on that and give you all a break.

More later,