Sunday, February 22, 2009

Carnaval 2009

Carnaval 2009 in Merida kicked-off this week and Indra and I  decided to make a weekend of it.  What better way to start than check into the Hyatt Regency, a mere one block away from the parade route.
From our room on the 14th floor, we had a good view north over the city and a look down at the swimming pool...

And, you could even swim with a dolphin...

One thing you can be sure of, this celebration runs on beer.  Lot's of beer.  Thousands of cases of beer...
And the event includes lots of food vendors.  It seems the most prolific are proffering a local treat known as "Papas y Churros".  What we north-of-the-border-types would readily identify as french fries and deep-fried weenies.  They are sold everywhere!  

They come with the condiments of your choice, ketchup, mustard, and the ubiquitous hot sauce.
The parade, like last year, was comprised of people in costume appropriate to the carnaval theme which this year was "The Movies".
We didn't have as good a vantage point this year as last, so I had to shoot from behind the crowd.  Fortunately, my 6'7" height combined with the natural shortness of the local folks did help.
When the beer company floats come by, those sponsored by Corona and Sol specifically,  all the guys, including yours truly, have cameras at the ready.  
Indra counted 4 separate, very large floats from Sol, and I counted at least 2 from Corona.  The theory is if you buy and drink a lot of this....

You can have one of these...

I had a couple of Sol's with dinner.  I'm still waiting.
Great fun, loud music of all flavors coming from 5 huge stages along the parade route, big crowds, and we were thankful to have a room waiting just a short block away to rest our weary bones.
More later,