Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Little India In Merida

I don't get many invitations to gallery openings.  In fact none that I can remember until this past week when I got an invitation to attend the opening of Puerta al Este, which roughly translates to East Gate.
Located on Calle 60 between 45 and 47 in Merida, Puerta al Este is owned by Canadians Kerry and Lou, who relocated from Vancouver, British Columbia about three months ago to set-up shop.
(l to r: Lou, Kerry)
I was warmly greeting by their sales associate Maru, a former co-worker of mine from the travel business, and introduced to this wonderful couple.  Kerry told me that they have been in the business of importing antiques from India for about six years.  Let's have a look.

Kerry and Lou travel the northern part of India working through a network of dealers they have developed.  The dealers aquire some of their stock through salvage work.  Take a look at this magnificent door frame and door...
Other treasures...

 Located across the street from Santa Ana park, you really owe it to yourself to stop by and peruse the eclectic and fascinating item on display.  You just may fall in love with something perfect for your home or office.  At the very least you will meet a charming couple who has brought a taste of the Far East to Mexico.

Puerta al Este
Calle 60 #415A x 45 y 47 Centro
Merida, Yucatan
Telephone: 999 9-23-24-23


Leslie Limon said...

Beautiful! Glad to know that you had a good time! :D

Susan said...

Ooooooh! I love that trunk. It would make an awesome console or entry table!

norm said...

I'm in Antigua on vacation and have been looking at the old stuff for sale here, I was in a shop the other day and no one was around so I just wandered around a bit in the back courtyard. I came across a young man carving on a very plain, very old door. You have to be very careful with buying old things in places where labor is cheap.