Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hurricane Ida

We were feeling pretty smug that with the end of November in sight we would escape the effects of any hurricanes this year.   Well, we just ended four days straight of downpours that we can attribute to the outer system of hurricane Ida.  According to recent reports from the National Hurricane Center U.S., the tropical storm will gradually increase its speed in the coming days, which alerted the population of Yucatan, Quintana Roo, and Campeche which are now under Yellow Alert.  That means to basically be on alert for the Red Alert (how many times can I use "alert" in a sentence?) and to expect high winds and rain.

Ida moved to 15 miles per hour north and is expected to turn toward the northwest "with a gradual increase your speed in the coming days", the statement of the U.S. agency, based in Miami.

Its winds have accelerated and now reach 95 mph, with gusts up faster. It is expected to gain more strength and could become a hurricane on Sunday when Ida reaches the Yucatan Peninsula.

Here's how she looks today:

Here is a shot of Cancun today and the ADO luxury buses that we take when we go there:

We'll keep you posted.

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Lisa Rock said...

Oh my goodness. And here I thought it was all blue skies and sunshine. Be well and stay safe my friend.

9kids said...

We are supposed to take UNO to Cancun Tues. afternoon and fly out on Wed. Could be interesting.