Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mice and Mousetraps

We've had a mouse in the house.  This is our second one (that we know of) and the  first time we had to go hunting for mousetraps.  Here, they do not have the spring-loaded, killer version of my youth instead opting for a more humane (think PETA), small  plastic pad coated in a sticky substance that I suppose the  little rodents find attractive.  And for our first mouse visitor it worked.
This new guy is apparently smarter than that and we see him occasionally darting about out of the corners of our eyes.  The dogs have tried to sniff him out, but to no avail.  We can't use a cat because the dogs don't want to share the space in the house
So it was back to the sticky traps.  Unfortunately, they trap indiscriminately.

Sure hope this wasn't Lenny... 
More later,


Malcolm said...

Awe man, that is a bummer. We did find the spring-loaded traps when we had a mouse problem. I'm sorry to say I don't remember where we got them. They are here, just keep looking.

BigAssBelle said...

OH NO!!! I don't suppose you were able to free the little fellow. :( Poor baby.

My best rat-mouse trap is Bill, the Jack Russell. He is lightning fast and dispatches them in an instant when he catches the creatures in my warehouse.

We had a mouse at home and Mo the cat looked at it, then gave a sigh and snuggled back into the sofa in his spot in the sun.

Bill? He took two leaps across the room, snatched that thing up by its neck and the deed was done.