Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving And Some Interior Pictures

Happy day after Thanksgiving to all our friends and we hope you are as stuffed as we are!  Last year we spent Thanksgiving at the Yucatan state fair scarfing tacos.  This was because our rental house had no oven in which to roast the bird.  This year we were determined to put together an American Thanksgiving which proved to be a shade difficult.  Here there is no cruising to Safeway or Albertson's for one-stop shopping.  One has to search-out the detailed products such as cranberry sauce or stuffing mix...things that are not part of the Mexican diet.  We found most of it.
  The table was set, the turkey roasted, and our friends arrived.

This is Cari, who is from England.  She actually has a farm in Spain, but has rented it out so she could spend some time at the beach.  Sadly for us, she will be returning to Spain next February.

This is Cari's boyfriend Vidal.  Vidal is a local and makes his living
creating jewelry he fashions from natural materials which he
sells in Merida at the public market.  And, he is a huge fan
of blues music!  He taught himself to play blues harmonica and after
dinner, entertained us much to our delight.

Our third dinner guest was Mario.  Mario was our neighbor when we lived at the rental house and works for CFE which is the electric company.  He came straight from work in Motul, and grabbed the maracas to get in on the music.
I realized the other day that there were a few areas of the house I hadn't shared.  For those who are interested,  here are some shots of our living room:
And here is why it helps to have a logical, analytical  type when working with an architect.  Of course I'm talking about Indra.  We were struggling with the logistics of where to put the computer, printer, scanner, computer desk (which we didn't even have), etc. when Indra noticed a closet in the plan right behind the front door.  We needed computer space more than a closet so....
Pretty clever of her,eh?
Outside, we have begun the landscaping which is going to take some time.  We planted a couple of Bougainvillas, a fan palm (they grow wild all over our property), and for her birthday I got Indra what is called a Ponytail Palm.  Just the beginning.
Again, we hope your Thanksgiving was fun and tasty.
More later,

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Hope you had a great time!!! look forward to see you guys soon!! Victor