Friday, June 27, 2008

House Update #6

It's starting to look more like what we envisioned. As you can see the medieval block look has been replaced by the smooth walls and finished window and door jambs which, hopefully, will actually have windows and doors next week.

This is Luis who, besides being a very fine mason, is also our next-door-neighbor to be.

In the back, the patio is going in. Part of this patio is also a 1500 liter water cistern which is fed by the city water system. From here it will be automatically pumped to the roof where there is an 850 liter container and from there downward into the house. There is no water pressure here other than what is created by gravity and cleverly reduced diameter pipes that create all the pressure we will need. You can buy water pressure systems but they are expensive and notoriously unreliable. Anyway, Victor the architect says that 2350 liters, used wisely, should last us about 10 days in the event of loss of after a hurricane.

We are having the glass blocks installed at both of the downstairs corners to enhance the curved style.

Here's how it looks from the kitchen looking into the dining room.

A shot of the tiles that are being used in the dining room and the kitchen.

A shot of the living room being tiled.

Let's go upstairs........

Here you see the guest room.

Here is Orlando...or is it Pedro...well, one of the muchachos prepping the upper deck for tiling later on.

Aforementioned tiles. The darkish brown tiles are going to be our kitchen counter and breakfast bar top. The light blue are for the upstairs bathroom walls and the light green for the downstairs bathroom walls.

Yesterday we spent 6 hours picking out toilets, sinks, bathroom accessories, faucets handles, etc. And we bought the new stove. Monday or Tuesday Indra gets to go out and choose paint colors. We are told about two week to finish this project.

Here are some final shots from today. You can tell from the sky we are in our rainy season this month and next. I really enjoy the many angles there are to photograph this structure. Enjoy!

More later,


Malcolm said...

Victor was just in the office going over our paltry little bedroom project, and I told him that he should be really proud of the design the three of you came up with...your house is shaping up beautifully!

Larry said...

Thanks! We're sooooooo anxious to get moved in and take it for a test drive!